The Love Your Space Place in Welcome To Wimberley

The Love Your Space Place in Welcome To Wimberley

The Love Your Space Place and our owner and head interior designer, Jill, were featured in the latest issue of Welcome To Wimberley. 

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Then Love Your Space Place

September 18, 2023|Art, Eissler, Home, Shopping, Welcome to Wimberley, Wimberley,

By Bonnie Eissler

A fun blockbuster movie in theaters this summer features Barbie, the iconic fashion doll that’s been around for more than 60 years. The movie, like the doll herself, has avid fans and detractors. Setting aside those big and sometimes polarizing themes concerning mortality and female empowerment, let’s consider what may be the most important message from Barbie – home décor matters!

There is a literal total home redecoration midway through the movie where Barbie’s dream house, with fluffy pillows and bedazzled seashell bed, is transformed into Ken’s man cave with hyper-masculine themes including horse paintings and saloon doors. 



Apparently, Barbie’s perfectly pink world isn’t exactly Ken’s cup of tea. We all want a space we can love. 

Jill Ainsworth is the owner of The Love Your Space Place, an exciting new luxury furniture and home design store in Wimberley. She has a passion for decorating and helping her clients bring their dream homes to life. Jill and her husband Kerry, a custom home builder, moved to the hill country last March to be closer to their son and his family; in just one week they found the store and a place to call home. 

“My approach to design is to do what I like and to buy furniture and accessories for the store that especially appeal to me,” Jill says.  She also appreciates that style is very subjective and that her first choice isn’t necessarily what some customers prefer, so with that awareness in mind, offers a wide selection in a variety of styles, from traditional to farmhouse to modern.  She makes buying trips to the design districts and furniture markets held every year, sometimes several times a year, in major cities around the country including Dallas, Las Vegas, Atlanta and High Point, North Carolina. These shows are exclusively for retailers and interior designers, and people fly in from all over to see the newest home collections from major companies like Bernhardt, Mayo and Classic Home, mirrors from Uttermost, paintings from Uma. The oversized chaise lounge chairs from John Michael, a new company whose furniture Jill recently added to the showroom, have a special formulated gel cushioning and are the ultimate in comfort and coziness. 

The chairs and sofas in the store feature performance fabric upholstery and are custom made. Wood stains, fabrics and trims, like nailheads, can all be selected according to the customer’s preference. Performance fabrics, such as lightweight durable polyester, can stand up to the wear and tear that comes with everyday activities. 

Jill’s experience in the furniture and design industry began in 1981 when she worked in a furniture store with her dad in Tyler, Texas. Selling furniture gave her an appreciation for the importance of having a good sofa. She remembers the sofa in her mother’s home as one of her favorite pieces, and part of the reason for this may be the pleasant memories that she has of her mother’s gift for hospitality, and friends and family gathered in the warm and welcoming space.  

In 2006, Jill and Kerry moved to Rockwall, near Dallas. “We had a store there and that’s where I got into design,” she says, “clients needed or wanted more … as I worked with them to select furniture and décor, we realized they also needed window treatments, so we looked for fabrics and trim for custom drapes.” They’d have their drapes made, furniture reupholstered and whatever else they needed at one of the workrooms that Jill used in the Dallas area. 

Now, Jill brings all these experiences to the design table when she consults with clients at The Love Your Space Place. She begins by looking at what a client already has in their home. “I see the colors they like, the kinds of light fixtures, if they prefer carpet or tile or wood,” she says, “is their style contemporary or farmhouse, eclectic or traditional, and so on.” After that, they look through books of fabric samples, wallpaper, rug samples, take all the necessary measurements, and the work begins to transform that person’s space into one he or she will love. Photos by Bonnie Eissler.

FYIThe Love Your Space Place is at 600 FM 3237. Business hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. For more information, call 512-722-3088 or visit the website at

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