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Handmade Seagrass Woven Floor Vase, Medium

Handmade Seagrass Woven Floor Vase, Medium

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• Exquisite seagrass weaving adds rustic elegance to any room.
• Handcrafted with durable materials for long-lasting beauty.
• Versatile size and design make it a stunning focal point for any space.



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Introducing our Handmade Seagrass Woven Floor Vase, the perfect addition to elevate your home decor to new heights. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this medium-sized vase showcases the artistry of seagrass weaving, adding a touch of rustic elegance to any room.

Made with durable materials, this floor vase is built to last. Handcrafted with dried water hyacinth and seagrass twined ropes, it not only offers long-lasting beauty but also guarantees its place as a cherished piece in your home for years to come.

Measuring 12.05L x 11.95W x 21.75H inches, this versatile vase strikes the perfect balance between functionality and style. Its medium size allows it to make a statement without overpowering your space, making it an ideal focal point for any setting. Whether placed in a corner, next to a fireplace, or as a centerpiece on your dining table, this floor vase effortlessly captures attention.

The exquisite seagrass weaving of this vase adds an organic texture, bringing warmth and authenticity to your home. Imagine the delicate petals and vibrant colors of your favorite flowers beautifully showcased against the natural backdrop of the seagrass. It's a truly mesmerizing sight that will infuse your space with a touch of nature and breathe life into your surroundings.

With its narrow opening and deep setting, this vase is perfect for accentuating a single bud or a small bouquet. Create a coastal vibe, a bohemian oasis, or simply add a touch of organic elegance to any room. The possibilities are endless with our Handmade Seagrass Woven Floor Vase.

Transform your living space into a haven of natural beauty and captivate your senses with this exquisite piece. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add rustic elegance and timeless charm to your home. Order our Handmade Seagrass Woven Floor Vase today and let it become the focal point that elevates your decor to new levels of sophistication.