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Hayes Silver Sculpture

Hayes Silver Sculpture

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• Stunning contemporary design with mesmerizing handcrafted silver disc.
• Sleek white marble base adds elegance and sophistication.
• Versatile and adaptable to any modern interior decor style.



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Introducing the Hayes Silver Sculpture Set, a mesmerizing addition that will elevate the aesthetic of your modern-style home decor. With its stunning contemporary design, this sculpture set is sure to captivate the attention of anyone who enters your space.

Crafted with precision, the centerpiece of these sculptures is the open silver disc, meticulously handcrafted from durable aluminum. Its surface is adorned with a mesmerizing pattern of indented circles, giving it the appearance of being expertly hand-hammered. This exquisite craftsmanship adds a touch of sophistication and artistry to the overall design.

The sleek white marble base provides a perfect contrast to the silver disc, adding an element of elegance to the sculptures. The combination of the silver disc and the marble base creates a harmonious blend of modernity and refinement, making these sculptures a true statement piece in any room.

Measuring at 14.5 inches in length, 4 inches in width, and 17.5 inches in height, these sculptures command attention and make a bold statement. Their sleek and minimalist design effortlessly complements modern interiors, adding a touch of refinement and artistic flair to any space.

Versatility is another key feature of the Hayes Silver Sculpture Set. Its contemporary aesthetic seamlessly blends with various decor styles, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate it into your existing interior design. Whether displayed on a mantelpiece, console table, or bookshelf, these sculptures will effortlessly captivate the eye and become a conversation starter.

Elevate your interior design with the Hayes Silver Sculpture Set, an exquisite combination of artistry and modern elegance. Transform your living space into a gallery of style and sophistication with these captivating sculptures. Experience the mesmerizing charm and timeless beauty of the Hayes Silver Sculpture Set today.